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    Emil Frey Racing returns to the premier class of GT3 sport in 2020 – the GT World Challenge Europe

    We spent several seasons competing in the championship under its previous guise, the Blancpain GT Series, and scored a famous last-lap victory at the 2018 Circuit Paul Ricard 1000kms with Lexus. We stepped away from the category in 2019, winning the International GT Open drivers’ title with Albert Costa Balboa and Giacomo Altoè, both of whom will return full-time in 2020. They will be joined by the highly experienced Franck Perera at Endurance Cup rounds, forming an impressive line-up for the #163 car.

    The sister #14 machine will be driven for the full season by Norbert Siedler and Mikaël Grenier, both of whom are veterans of our previous involvement with the series. Ricardo Feller will join the duo at Endurance Cup events. In both cases, the team will be competing for overall honours.

    Comment Lorenz Frey-Hilti: “The GT World Challenge is the premium class of the GT3 Sport. The level is intensely high. The drivers and their teams are very accomplished and experienced, but I am confident that, with hard work, we will learn fast and make the best out of what we have. Our goal for the first season is to be the best Lamborghini team and to consistently be in the top 10.”

    25 – 26 JULY 2020, Endurance
    ROUND 1
    Country: Italy
    07 – 09 AUGUST 2020, Sprint
    ROUND 2
    Country: Italy
    04 – 05 SEPTEMBER 2020, Endurance
    ROUND 3
    Country: Germany
    11 – 13 SEPTEMBER 2020, Sprint
    ROUND 4
    Country: France
    25 – 27 SEPTEMBER 2020, Sprint
    ROUND 5
    Country: Netherlands
    09 – 11 OCTOBER 2020, Sprint
    ROUND 6
    Country: Spain
    Total 24 hrs of Spa
    22 – 25 OCTOBER 2020, Endurance
    ROUND 7
    Country: Belgium
    Paul Ricard
    13 – 15 NOVEMBER 2020, Endurance
    ROUND 8
    Country: France



    Drive Type
    Rear wheel drive with mechanical differential lock, traction control Bosch Motorsport adjustable in 11 position through the steering wheel
    Hybrid chassis made of aluminium and carbon fiber
    Engine type
    10 cylinders engine (90° V angle) naturally aspirated, gasoline direct injection IDS, dry sump lubrication
    Fuel tank
    120 liters, FT3 Spec
    6 speed sequential gearbox by Hör, pneumactically controlled, 3 discs racing clutch hydraulically controlled with paddles on steering wheel, lightweight flywheel
    Safety equipment
    FIA Spec Roll-cage, carbon fiber racing seat FIA 8862 Spec, 7 pts fire extinguisher, Roof Hatch System
    Front 12×18” ET45.65, rear 13×18” ET37.85
    4458 mm
    2050 mm (@rear fenders, side mirrors included)
    Dry weight
    1230 kg