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    In 2019, the international GT Open will run its 14th season, confirming itself as one of the top pro-am racing platforms in Europe.

    It was back in 2006 that GT Sport and former sportscar driver Jesús Pareja launched the series, following the introduction of GT Sport’s single-seater series, today’s Euroformula Open. Since then, the International GT Open has enjoyed constant expansion and a growing success, thanks to stable rules, controlled costs, excellent TV coverage and premium venues. Today, the International GT Open renews its formula to further assert its position among GT series in Europe.

    Location: Paul Ricard
    27 - 28 APRIL 2019
    ROUND 1
    Country: France
    Location: Hockenheim
    25 - 26 MAY 2019
    ROUND 2
    Country: Germany
    Location: Spa
    08 - 09 JUNE 2019
    ROUND 3
    Country: Belgium
    Location: Red Bull Ring
    13 - 14 JULY 2019
    ROUND 4
    Country: Austria
    Location: Silverstone
    07 - 08 SEPTEMBER 2019
    ROUND 5
    Country: England
    Location: Barcelona
    21 - 22 SEPTEMBER 2019
    ROUND 6
    Country: Spain
    Location: Monza
    12 - 13 OCTOBER 2019
    ROUND 7
    Country: Italy



    Drive Type
    Rear wheel drive with mechanical differential lock, traction control Bosch Motorsport adjustable in 10 position through the steering wheel
    Hybrid chassis made of aluminium and carbon fiber
    Engine type
    10 cylinders engine (90° V angle) naturally aspirated, gasoline direct injection IDS, dry sump lubrication
    Fuel tank
    120 liters, FT3 Spec
    6 speed sequential gearbox by Hör, pneumactically controlled, 3 discs racing clutch hydraulically controlled with paddles on steering wheel, lightweight flywheel
    Safety equipment
    FIA Spec Roll-cage, carbon fiber racing seat FIA 8862 Spec, 7 pts fire extinguisher, Roof Hatch System
    Front 12×18” ET45.65, rear 13×18” ET37.85
    4551 mm
    2221 mm (Side mirrors included)
    Dry weight
    1230 kg